What Emotions Do you Hold in your Hips?

Do we hold emotions in our hips? Yes, the hips store record of feeling unsupported in our life and relationships. The hips and pelvis are very important to our well-being.

The sacred pelvis.  It is literally where all life flows from.  It represents our foundation and in a metaphysical sense it is very true.  The pelvis and hips connect us to the earth. It’s upon their support the spine and all of our Chakra’s ascend.  Hip pain can originate from a very fundamental experience of not feeling supported.  If your core relationships are not supportive, you may be experiencing hip pain.

I know in my life this was very true.  It was very difficult for me to see at the time. I truly wish I knew then, what I know now.  I would have told my aching hip, “thank-you.” Thank-you for alerting me to my unconscious pattern.  It’s ok to be honest, and it’s ok to say your not full filled. Even in your most intimate relationships.   My journey to restoring my hip health was a long one.  Myofascial release work was a big part of my healing along with rearranging my business and intimate relationships.  Looking back, I can say that my hip was messaging me.  I wish I would have known better how to listen.  That’s in part why I’ve created this special workout series.  To align your body and soul. To share the knowledge I didn’t know then. Your pain can be your greatest teacher, and in fact my hip was one of mine.  Learning the remarkably accurate relationship between the body and soul is the intention of the exercise series I created.  I want you to be in touch with your body and how it speaks to you, in the process you will become toned and strong, but most important you will become wise.  So much love my wellness warriors. For more teachings like this, check out our Health and Bliss Academy.  Here’s today’s mantras for you to integrate into your body class.

Hip Mantras: I attract supportive relationships. I love myself enough to have supportive relationships. I support healthy relationships.

I hope you enjoy this video,

I’m not normally a potty mouth, but it seems like the perfect time to say – “Namaste my badassess!”


Amy Beth Hopkins

Amy Beth Hopkins

Amy Beth has her Masters of Physical Therapy degree and Bachelors in Health Science from Loma Linda University. She is the founder of Health and Bliss for Life and online platform for aging well. She also owns Your Personal Best Physical Therapy Clinics in Austin, Tx giving her a unique perspective on the body’s ability to heal. She’s worked as program developer for physical therapy, health entrepreneur, fitness model and spokesperson for Feminine Fitness. Her study of the human potential movement and working with transformational coaches and trainers keeps her tapped into all factors that contribute to living a life full of creative contribution, happiness and fulfillment. She loves seeing others thrive and live life to the fullest, rich in physical, emotional and spiritual health.

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