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Thyroid Health

Go beyond the standard thyroid testing done by your doctor! Our thyroid testing looks beyond the standard TSH testing and measures the hormones that are actually produced in the cascade to determine if your body is converting the inactive thyroid hormone (free T4) to the active hormone (free T3). It also evaluates for the presence of thyroid peroxidase antibodies that can indicate an ongoing autoimmune attack. We oftentimes see these antibodies appear years before we see the abnormalities in other thyroid tests. This more comprehensive testing will help you get a handle on your thyroid health!


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*Our Ebook, “Your Food Rx for Ageless Living”.  This is a comprehensive review of our Health message along with over 100 amazing recipes, holiday menu’s, and weekly menu’s.


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*One year access to “Online Personal Training”, by AmyBeth Hopkins M.P.T. Physical Therapist & Personal Trainer


*Coaching Call with our Health Coaches to Review Labs

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*Webinar, by Dr. Alan Hopkins M.D. to walk you through the labs, what they mean & what you can do to up-level your health


* 30% off repeat Labs

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