Health and Bliss Academy

Our Team of Experts at Health & Bliss Welcomes You!


Get plugged into health with the science behind your health habits. With a mixture of the latest in anti-aging science and getting back to what may seem like the health basics you will up-level your health. For the ultimate experience your results will come from working with your lab results. Using the nutritionally dense recipes & health recommendations on Health & Bliss Academy you will be turn back your biological age, reduce stress to your system & improve your energy. All the while you will learn about some of the latest breakthroughs in biomarker testing and have access to these panels at reduced pricing.

The Benefits of Health & Bliss Academy

  • Lose weight
  • Learn to cook
  • Gain energy
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce stress
  • Lower blood sugar
  • Improve insulin dynamics
  • Connect with health-minded peers
  • Executive Level Biomarker Testing at reduced pricing


9 Weeks of Nutrient-Dense, Fat-Burning Meal Plans that will Turn Your Metabolism Around.

9 Weeks of Health Lessons that will empower you with the latest information in Anti-Aging Medicine.

Here’s a list of the topics that we will cover:

  • Metabolism boosters, Macronutrients, How to Balance your Meals & Snacks.
  • Regular Interval Eating & Tips to Rev up your Metabolism.
  • You need Good Fats in your diet. How to know which ones will increase your metabolism!
  • Know your Nutrients. Herbs, Minerals, and essential nutrients you need for your metabolism.
  • Learn where “Sneaky Carbs” leak into your diet.
  • Social strategies for eating & How to deal with Cravings.
  • Handling Holidays, Vacations & Dining Out.
  • Sleep Sanctuary – the ultimate healing remedy for your body & your metabolism.
  • How to know if stress has crossed the line, & truly had an impact on your health.

Online Personal Training Program, Balanced Body, Blissful Soul

You’ll have access to a library of workouts created by Amy Beth Hopkins, M.P.T. Physical Therapist for over 20 years & Certified Personal Trainer. She has devised a system that will train your bodies in not only strength, but flexibility & balance. You will enjoy working out with her as she delivers not only exercise, but uplifting messages of self-love, gratitude and positive mind sets that help us to loose weight, heal & restore your body.

Sessions Include:
Yoga Series
Spinal Flexibility
Strengthening Your Core
Quickie Gluts
Quickie Abs
High Intensity Training
Movement Meditation
Shoulder Strengthening


Programs have been created by experts. We have put together an all star team to help you loose weight, feel alive and vibrant with restored energy and “youthen” your body. You can upgrade your membership and get coaching calls & personal lab panels done to review your individualized needs.


Eating well is part of getting well. Health and Bliss Academy gives you daily recipes, weekly menu plans and grocery lists. If you’re not much of a cook, nearly every recipe has an easy substitution to help you out when you’re in a hurry. This is the same nutrition plan we use in our clinical treatment program and the results are incredible.