Let's Create Your Best Life

Vibrantly Healthy from the Inside Out.

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Let's Create Your Best Life

Vibrantly Healthy from the Inside Out.

Join a Wellness Revolution with your Free Fresh Start Kit. Sign up below to get started.

I am so excited you are here!

We are going to have a meaningful conversation about you – about health, love, the latest in medical research and how to get your energy thriving. At Health and Bliss for Life, you will be plugged in to how to turn back your biological age and turn up the bliss factor in your life.

My name is Amy Beth, and this is my story to a life of balance, health and bliss. It’s been a journey and I’m thrilled to share what I’ve learned along the way. I’m a practicing physical therapist and owner of a rehab company, a wife and mother of three. Just a few years ago I was fatigued, stressed and imbalanced. I will share with you the resources that helped me find my center and bliss again. I have a passion for seeing people live to their highest potential, and I’ve made it my life’s work to study healthful and blissful living. I have a devotion to motion, and after 16 years as a health practitioner, a pretty good vision on how important movement and exercise are for our health and soul.

When I found myself fatigued and uninspired, I began searching for answers. My journey started with self-reflection – asking key questions and having the courage to take action. I will share with you the key pieces of information, as well as the path of self-inquiry, that brought me back to a balanced lifestyle and happy center. Many beautiful people have assisted me in the process of discovering an authentic way of living. I will introduce you to amazing coaches, authors and resources to support you in a health- and bliss-filled life. I can’t wait to share it with you. Discovering the essence of you, the true you, is beautiful – I promise.

I’d like you to know that your body is a temple. Yep, yours. It houses the precious spirit of you. Caring for your body as a temple to house and nourish your “chi” is vital. Our goal is to have you in love with yourself, your body and your life.

We have resources here for your body and soul. Here are a few things you will find to keep you moving and grooving:
Health and Bliss Academy

The best deal in town.   Reset your hormones, boost your metabolism, youthen your cells?  Learn how to take control of your biology and optimize your performance in life. You will get a program brought to you by thought leaders in the areas of anti-aging medicine, functional medicine, athletic training and  personal empowerment.  Have the best advice from experts on a holistic lifestyle. In our 9 week session you will get weekly grocery list, meal plans and nuggets of wisdom from the top experts in their field.

Labs for Longevity

Advanced biomarker testing that gives you a baseline on your health. With this vital information you can customize your health routine and really take your health to the next level. A few of our modules include 1. Sex and Energy 2. Nutrients, Omega3’s and Toxin Metals Panel 3. Weight Loss and Metabolism 4. Inflammation and Health, and 5. Healthy Blood Vessels. Each of these modules contain the latest technology has to offer to ensure you are giving your body every advantage to function at its best.

Your Food Rx for Ageless Living

Recipes and cookbooks to keep you fueled with optimal nutrition plus some of our favorite nutrition resources. Nutrition can be confusing. Products labeled natural and organic can still sabotage your metabolism. We will give you the upper hand on how to fuel your body, increase your metabolism and feel great!

Soul Food

Blogs and special guests that will inspire and super charge your soul.

Meet Alan Hopkins, Anti-Aging MD

Dr. Hopkins is a graduate of the prestigious Loma Linda University School of Medicine. He completed his training in 1999 and has extensive experience in emergency medicine, endocrinology, disease prevention and anti-aging medicine. Dr. Hopkins is the current owner and medical director of Texas Metabolic Centers in both Austin and Fort Worth. He is also the current medical director for the biotechnology firm Prism Health Dx and was the former medical director of the Pre-Diabetes Centers, a national disease prevention network of physicians, nurses and educators.

As an A4m fellowship trained anti-aging physician, he’ll share with you what you need to know about your biomarkers (key measurements that give you a read on your health and aging). He can give you advice on the supplements and nutrition you need to optimize your health and metabolism. Stay plugged into your health with an expert in the field of anti-aging.

Meet Amy Beth

Amy Beth has her Masters of Physical Therapy degree and Bachelors in Health Science from Loma Linda University. Owning and operating Your Personal Best Physical Therapy Clinics in Austin for 16 years has given me a unique perspective on healing and the challenges of living a balanced life. My extensive specialized training in sports therapy, myofascial release, women’s health and manual therapy gives me specialized and practical experience in healing our bodies. I’ve worked as a personal trainer, fitness model and spokesperson for Feminine Fitness. My study of the human potential movement and working with transformational coaches and trainers keeps me tapped into all factors that contribute to living a life full of creative contribution, happiness and fulfillment. I love seeing others thrive and live life to the fullest, rich in physical, emotional and spiritual health.

health and bliss team member han ashley
Meet Han Ashley

Han Ashley is our resident health-food chef. She owned and operated the Epicurean Chef in Waco, Texas. She has her bachelor of science degree from Pacific Union College with a focus in chemistry and biochemistry, and a master’s degree in cardiopulmonary science from Loma Linda University.

Her delightful cuisine masterfully balances sweet, sour, bitter and salt. You’ll never feel like you missed out on anything when you try her recipes. Her philosophy is that if you get the nutrients you need, coupled with a wonderful taste sensation, your body becomes satisfied with less. (A strategy of the Blue Zone).

Her catering company and restaurant specialized in preparing local, sustainable and organic foods with nutrient-dense properties. She’s developed corporate nutritional programs for Pre-Diabetes Centers and Prism Health Dx. As a side note, Han has cooked for many celebrities, such as Art Garfunkle, and Joanna and Chip Gaines, as well as government officials. One senator, who took on health-food reform, completely changed his approach to eating after just one of her home-cooked meals. You are in for a treat with her approach to healthful cooking with no short-cuts when it comes to ensuring a delicious meal.