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Let's Create Your Best Life

Vibrantly Healthy from the Inside Out.

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Optimal You Lab Testing

Here is your place to get the information you want and need for optimal health and aging.  You now have a friend in the “biz,” so to speak. Dr. Alan Hopkins, or “Al” as I like to call him, will share with you in a more casual venue what the latest research has to say about aging optimally. Dr, Hopkins did his fellowship in anti-aging medicine and has extensive experience in preventive medicine, endocrinology and cardiology, as well as emergency medicine. He graduated from Loma Linda University in 1996. From the onset of his training in Southern California, he was immersed in holistic healthcare. Loma Linda, Calif., happens to be located smack dab in the middle of what we have learned is called a Blue Zone, a geographical area where people live measurably longer lives. Loma Linda is the only Blue Zone in the United States. The term was made popular by Dan Buetnner in his 2010 release of The Blue Zones, Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who’ve Lived the Longest.

On average “Blue Zoners” live years longer and better than the rest of the world’s population. When I first arrived in Loma Linda during the summer of 1993, I lived in a retirement community. (I know, exciting for a 22-year-old graduate student.) Each day when I would go outside for a morning run, I would be met by a host of spry senior citizens perusing around the neighborhood like a bunch of summer camp teenagers. I recall feeling like I was on the set of the Hollywood movie, Cocoon, where a group of senior citizens had found the Fountain of Youth. What I didn’t know at the time is that these guys really had. Check out Dr. Ellsworth Warhead, who was featured on Oprah Winfrey as a Loma Linda surgeon still operating at the age of 93.

What’s their secret? Well, we hope to share it with you and what the latest in anti-aging medicine is still teaching us.

Hang out awhile, look around and keep coming back to see how this conversation develops and be sure that it will. We’ve been entertained, uplifted, and enlightened by looking into the causes of health for years. It’s about living well, not mediocre, not status quo, but well… really well.

We hope you gain comfort and direction from what we have to share; it’s served us. If you’re interested in taking your personal health to the next level, we have developed a wonderful series to help you explore the basic pillars of health, established by both scientific and heartfelt resources to get you going on your journey.


Optimal You – Labs to take your health to the next level

Welcome to our Optimal You, advanced bio marker testing with an entertaining explanation of your lab results. Dr. Alan Hopkins will explain how you can use this vital information to fine-tune your health routine. When you sign up for these modules you will be scheduled for a blood draw at a local lab, receive your results on an app on your mobile device and review the results via an easy-to-understand webinar delivered straight to your email. We are bringing you advanced biomarker testing that will give you vital information about your body, nutrient deficits and hormonal levels that affect your energy, libido and metabolism. These labs are the latest anti-aging medicine has to offer. Unfortunately, many of these tests are not offered in a typical physician’s office. Once you have this vital information in hand, we will send you a webinar and education on how to make the most of your results.

For more information, check out the modules below. You can order them individually, or group them all together for a discounted rate. Each module comes with a copy of our eBook — Your Food Rx for Ageless Living. You’ll receive this roadmap to wellness, complete with a thorough explanation of biomarker testing and how to improve your numbers through natural means; a cookbook with amazing nutrient-dense recipes; meal guide; shopping list; and vital nutrients you’ll want to include in your diet. Additionally, each segment will come with an Optimal Health Facts Review that allows you to focus in on the recommendations you’ll want to implement in your health regimen once your lab results come in.

Here is a Review of What you get with Each Module:

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Results will come from Yourlabwork.com our affiliate.  We receive a portion of sales to continue sharing our message of healthy aging to others.

Module 1

Sex and Energy

Our most requested advanced biomarker module. Improve your mood, libido and vitality.

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Module 2

Weight Loss & Optimal Metabolism

Unlock the secrets of your metabolism and burn belly fat.

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Module 3

Nutrients &Omega's

Are you getting the nutrition your body needs?

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Module 4


Inflammation is a relatively new and exciting branch of medicine. Reversing inflammation can literally prevent disease, keep your body young and optimize your health. Know your baseline with the inflammatory module.

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Module 5

Healthy Blood Vessels

Learn about your health, literally from the inside out, and adjust your health regimen for optimal results.

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I Want it All!

The Complete Panel

In this panel you'll get it all, and with significant savings too.  The most comprehensive look into your body

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Advanced Thyroid

Advanced Thyroid Panel

Traditional thyroid testing misses 80% of thyroid dysfunction.

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