Weight Loss and Optimal Metabolism

“Unlock the secrets of your metabolism and burn belly fat.”

Our weight and specifically our belly fat is emerging as a critical health issue and The Weight Loss and Optimal Metabolism Module also measures the function of another essential organ in the body called the pancreas to find out if it is being overworked. The pancreas makes insulin and if a person is not using insulin appropriately it will build up to high levels in the blood stream. If you have an an elevated insulin level, likely you have insulin resistance, which can dramatically interfere with weight loss.

When you buy The Weight Loss and Optimal Metabolism Module, you can identify specific issues and learn to correct them naturally. 


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We will also measure fasting glucose and Hemoglobin A1c to determine if you are like 50% of all Americans, afflicted with prediabetes or diabetes. The problems with sugar metabolism can be noticed early by looking for something called Insulin Resistance Syndrome. To screen for this syndrome, we will measure fasting insulin, which is made by the pancreas.

The Weight Loss and Optimal Metabolism Module is recommended annually in most healthy people. If you are identified as having elevated fasting insulin, prediabetes or diabetes or have abnormal fat hormones, it is recommended that you repeat the module after intervention in a period of 3 months.

In addition, you will get:

*Our Ebook, “Your Food Rx for Ageless Living”.  This is a comprehensive review of our Health message along with over 100 amazing recipes, holiday menu’s, and weekly menu’s. 


*Online access to our Health Academy with 12 weeks worth of meal plans, grocery list and health lesson’s by our office

staff.  You will also have access to more amazing recipes and “how to” video’s from our resident Health Chef, Han Ashley

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*One year access to “Online Personal Training”, by Amy Beth Hopkins M.P.T. Physical Therapist & Personal Trainer



*Webinar, by Dr. Alan Hopkins M.D. to walk you through the labs, what they mean & what you can do to up-level your health


* 30% off repeat Labs

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