5 Easy ways to Boost Your Metabolism

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Ready to unleash your metabolism? Your body was made to shine and your metabolism was made to give you energy and be your friend. Sometimes our lifestyle choices sneak up on us. We don’t realize how off-kilter our lives have become. Our bodies can be a messenger to our soul that we need to restore balance to our lives. Here a 5 quick ways to begin to heal your metabolism and get it revved up and working in your favor! Dr. Alan Hopkins, of Texas Metabolic Centers, encourages his patients with these tips and I wanted to share them with you.

Drink more H20

Water is the conduit of all our metabolic processes. So get your 6-8 glasses in a day and let your metabolism flow.

Eat Less Sugar

The World Health Organization recommends less than 25 grams a day from anything other than whole foods. (That means juice too!) The average American eats well over 150 grams of sugar daily. Think twice about that pumpkin spice latte- which can host well over 80 grams of sugar in a single drink. If you really want to bump up your metabolism consider limiting fruit as well. Hidden sugar intake can be in so called healthy items like yogurt, milk, and fruit juices. To get your metabolism evaluated, check out our Weight Loss and Metabolism Module and find out what might be holding you back.

Increase your Healthy Fat and Protein Intake

Getting the majority of your calories from protein and healthy fats will improve your metabolism. If you’re going for weight loss this means 70-80% of your caloric intake. I like to start the day with either Omega 3 enriched eggs or a good plant-based protein, as well as adding MCT- coconut oil or Extra-Virgin Olive Oil to my morning routine. These healthy fats and proteins will keep you satiated and avoid dips in blood sugar caused by carb loaded foods like pastries and muffins.

Try High Intensity Training in the morning

You don’t have to have hours to devote to exercise. A quick 20 minutes of high intensity training can help to rev-up your metabolism and keep your body burning calories all day long. Check out Love is Your Superpower workout series, for a variety of workouts you can do quickly each morning. They’ve been designed to nourish both your body and soul on a daily basis.

Take time to nourish and care for yourself

You are a beautiful and divine soul who deserves to feel good. When you connect to that inner strength, provide yourself with the needed rest and speak kindly to yourself your cortisol levels go down. This actually aids in improving your metabolism and in weight loss. If you think you may be flirting with an unhealthy stress level in your life, get your cortisol levels checked. Our Sex and Energy module will test not only your cortisol, but other markers that may be effecting your metabolism. I can tell you first hand, when I got my results I made an about face in the choices I was making. It was a wake-up call for sure!

Congrats on getting your metabolism revved up. Getting baseline labs done is a great way to get insight into just how your body is operating. The Optimal You program is nation-wide. Click HERE to find a Quest Lab near you. It’s easy and enlightening. We’ll keep the information coming on how to optimize your health and live your best life!

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